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these-songs-in-my-pockets asked : Not saying I'm against it (I think it's fuckin hilarious), but where did this whole "Tiny Trump" thing come from? Are we just doing shit to get under his skin now? See how long it takes for him to implode with rage? If so, bravo!


So the origins of Tiny Trump came from someone who photoshopped a picture of Obama to make him look 13 feet tall. People thought it was funny, but they thought it would be even funnier to make a tiny trump. I don’t know why, but it’s just fuckin hilarious. I also kinda had some fun with it and did nothing but post tiny trump pictures for a whole day (I’m done now btw). ANYway…I do think there’s an undertone of “he’s a small, petty manchild” in the images, which also speaks as a protest.

I think humor is the best protest. There’s no better way to get people to see your point than to disarm them with humor first. Keep fighting the good fight, people! And do it with absurdity and integrity.


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